Book and movie review: Invasion U.S.A.

In 1985, Cannon Films, the legendary studio behind a load of mostly bad but often fun low-budget films, released the Chuck Norris vehicle Invasion U.S.A. The film was reviled by critics–Roger Ebert gave it a whopping 1.5 stars, while Leonard Maltin gave it the notorious BOMB rating and called it “Repellant in […]

News for week ending 2018-02-24 (open thread)

News for week ending 2018-02-24 (open thread) […]

Westlake score: Philip

There are a number of elements to successful book collecting. This score can be chalked up to persistence and luck.

Above is my copy of Philip, Donald Westlake’s only children’s book and among the rarest, possibly?the rarest, of all of his titles. The cheapest copy I can find, one in slightly lesser condition […]