Westlake Score: The Jugger (Parker #6) by Richard Stark (Allison & Busby hardcover, 1986)

This latest Westlake Score—which, for those who’ve evidently been dozing or “goofing off” at the back of the class, are posts in which I detail newly acquired editions of various of Donald “Richard Stark” Westlake’s novels—may not look like much to you, chief, but to me it represents another step on […]

Donald E. Westlake’s science fiction stories: “The Question,” with Larry M. Harris; The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (March / July 1963)

Rounding off this intermittent series of posts on Donald E. Westlake’s early-1960s science fiction stories, I’ve a particularly pithy tale which Westlake was the co-writer of, rather than the sole author. And of all the SF stories I’ve been reviewing in this series and the previous series, I think this might […]

News for week ending 2011-09-24

Flick Attack has a review of the Dom Deluise directed and acted, Donald Westlake scripted comedy Hot Stuff: http://t.co/RdU9ZmVC # The Onion A/V club reviews Lawrence Block's Getting Off, out this week: http://t.co/0baXy3Bh My review here: http://t.co/MehLurt5 #

Hard Case Crime to release lost James M. Cain novel The Cocktail Waitress

What would we do without Hard Case Crime? Wither away and die, I suspect.

Excerpted from publisher Charles Ardai’s e-mail:

After more than 9 years of detective work and negotiation, we’ve tracked down a lost novel by James M. Cain, the author of the noir classics MILDRED PIERCE, DOUBLE INDEMNITY, and […]

Donald E. Westlake’s science fiction stories: “The Earthman’s Burden,” Galaxy, Vol. 21, No. 1 (October 1962)

After a slightly-longer-than-anticipated John le Carré-shaped diversion, it’s back to the short stories written by Donald E. Westlake for various science fiction magazines in the early 1960s. And whereas the previous Westlake SF short (if you can cast your mind back that far) involved teleportation, this next story centers on… telepathy…


News for week ending 2011-09-17

J-Lo in costume as real estate agent Leslie in the Parker flick. Nice that she actually looks like a real estate agent! http://t.co/bqrxbnNO # Living in Cinema–From Page to Screen: The Hunter, Point Blank and Payback x 2: http://t.co/y4zxIygu # Donald Westlake's Dancing Aztecs to receive audio book release in November: http://t.co/xivSZkEd […]

More Parker e-book deals, and some other stuff

I haven’t had time for much posting lately, alas, so this is just a quick grab-bag post.

First, many thanks to my new co-blogger Nick for picking up some of my slack. When things are a little slow around here, remember you can always go to his […]

Off topic: Donald E. Westlake sci-fi delayed, John le Carré / George Smiley on Existential Ennui

Apologies for the radio silence on the Violent World of Parker blog, but I’ve been a bit distracted with some rather involved blogging over on my other, er, blog, Existential Ennui. Fear not: my series on the science fiction magazine stories of Donald E. Westlake will resume shortly, and after that’s […]

Donald E. Westlake’s science fiction stories: “Look Before You Leap,” Analog, May / September 1962

On we go with Donald E. Westlake’s science fiction magazine stories; and like the last SF story I wrote about, “They Also Serve,” this one also appeared in Analog Science Fact & Fiction, and has similarly never been reprinted since (and it’s not even available via Project Gutenberg). But there the […]

News for week ending 2011-09-03

Harry Bingham at Mean Streets–Richard Stark "looms over" George Pelecanos' new novel, The Cut. http://t.co/utiSecH # Wallace Stroby interviews George Pelecanos. Part I: http://t.co/x66ni5O Part II: http://t.co/flGPIg6 # We Are Movie Geeks–The Best of Lee Marvin: http://t.co/D9NInCH # Richard Portan at Cineaste reviews the film version of The Outfit: http://t.co/FqUHeuZ […]