The slaying of writer’s block, Backflash, 361, and podcasts

One reason I haven’t been posting much lately is because I’ve had an acute case of writer’s block. You see, I read both Backflash and 361 recently, and felt obligated to write about them. It wasn’t working. And that was stopping me from writing anything else.

361 itself was partially a product of […]

News for week ending 2011-05-28

Sorry for being away! Should be back soon. In the meantime, new blog post: Wolf Moon by Ed Gorman/934/?p=4679 # Nick Jones at Existential Ennui begins a series on Donald Westlake's science fiction: #

Review: Wolf Moon by Ed Gorman

If you’re looking at the above cover image and scratching your head, don’t worry–you’re still at The Violent World of Parker and I haven’t gone off the rails.

Ed Gorman’s Wolf Moon is a Western, but it is also noir. It certainly fits Otto Penzler’s definition that “noir is about losers” (a definition […]

News for week ending 2011-05-14

Max Allan Collins tells a bit about saving the upcoming Westlake novel The Comedy is Finished: # Wednesday with Wallace Stroby: #

News for week ending 2011-05-07

David Corbett at Spinetingler on a novel it sounds like I simply must read, and soon: # Scott D. Parker at Criminal Element–The Art of The Hunter: Parker Meets Don Draper # The latest news from Darwyn Cooke: […]