Review: East of A by Russell Atwood

After saving a teenage girl from three thugs, private eye Payton Sherwood is rewarded by having the girl steal his gold Rolex, the one nice thing he owns in all the world. Determined to find his watch, he instead finds out that the girl is in real trouble and that homicide is involved. […]

News for week ending 2011-04-30

Indiewire–Travis McGee coming to film? # Nick Jones lands a never-before-seen (by me) cover of a personal fave, The Rare Coin Score. An obsessive's gain, indeed # Bill Crider at Criminal Element on Private Eyes and Westerns: […]

Movie news and the future of Parker

Good news! I have it from a reliable source that the possibly upcoming Parker flick will neither be an original nor another take on The Hunter, but will instead be based on Flashfire. I’ve also learned that the filmmakers are committed to making an actual Parker movie, with a main character […]

News for week ending 2011-04-23

Nick Jones at Existential Ennui has a review of the Westlake SF novel Anarchaos, and promises more on Westlake SF. # Zach Baron at The Daily–Stark Reality: #

Lost Westlake novel coming in 2012

We’ve been following the story of this book for awhile now, and now its release is officially scheduled for February 21, 2012.

From Hard Case Crime editor Charles Ardai:

A bit of exciting Hard Case Crime news this morning:?we’re going to be bringing out?a never-before-published novel by the great Donald E. Westlake.

Don began work on it in the late 1970s,?but ultimately decided not to publish the book after Martin Scorsese released his movie “The King of Comedy” since Don was apparently concerned that the premise of his novel and Scorsese’s film were too similar.? He shouldn’t have worried — aside from both having to do with kidnapping a television comedian, the two are completely different.? But he did, and the result is that there’s a Westlake novel that’s been sitting unpublished in manuscript form for the past 30+ years.

The title is THE COMEDY IS FINISHED?and it’s going to be our lead title for 2012 — only the second book ever to be published in hardcover by Hard Case Crime.? (Our first hardcover is our lead title this year, GETTING OFF by Lawrence Block, which comes out on September 20.)

Here is the book blurb from the Hard Case Crime website:


The year is 1977, and America is finally getting over the nightmares of Watergate and Vietnam and the national hangover that was the 1960s. But not everyone is ready to let it go. Not aging comedian Koo Davis, friend to generals and presidents and veteran of countless USO tours to buck up American troops in the field. And not the five remaining members of the self-proclaimed People’s Revolutionary Army, who’ve decided that kidnapping Koo Davis would be the perfect way to bring their cause back to life…

The great-looking cover art is by Greg Manchess.

Below the fold is the full press release from Hard Case Crime’s new publisher, Titan Books.

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Jason Statham is Parker?

News about a Parker movie project started dribbling out a couple of months ago. I dutifully sent it out over Twitter, but didn’t think much more about it–I’ve heard of a few Parker movie and TV projects over the years and they never seem to get out of development hell.

But it looks […]

Review: Killing Floor and Die Trying by Lee Child

Is Jack Reacher the anti-Parker?

One problem with spending my limited reading time exploring the past is that I often have no clue what’s being published in the present. I’m embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of Jack Reacher, Lee Child’s protagonist in a trailer-load of thrillers beginning with 1997’s Killing […]

Finally: The Handle/Hammett challenge winner announced

I know this is way late, but I just got off the road–I thought I’d have time to post from the road, but that didn’t work out.

So, for those of you just tuning in, or who have forgotten because this took so darned long, this was the challenge that novelist and Parker […]

The Great Rock n’ Roll Kindle (part 1)

Nice cover. What happened to it?

My Kindle arrived just in time for a week-long business trip (I leave today), and I must say, I’m already a convert. This thing is simply terrific. Once I got the screen set up to my liking (fourth smallest font size, condensed typeface, medium line spacing), I […]

News for week ending 2011-04-09

Peter R of Detectives Beyond Borders is all in on The Handle/Hammett Challenge, and pulls some great quotes on his way. # Shelf porn from @jasonmatthew. I’ll trade my FPP edition of The Blackbird for your copy if you want your set to match. # The good news is Darwyn Cooke […]