News for week ending 2011-03-26

Bill Crider on "the book that launched a thousand rips." # Those Sexy Vintage Sleaze Books looks at Donald Westlake's Lust Kicks (written as Alan Marsh): #

Contest: The Handle/Hammett challenge

In the comments section on the recent review of The Handle by Olman Feelyus (AKA regular commenter WalkerP) at his Olman’s Fifty blog, novelist and Parker fan Wallace Stroby noted that the novel contained a Dashiell Hammett reference. Since no one over there knew what it was (including me), Wallace suggested […]

News for week ending 2011-03-19

A good companion piece to my review of Andrew Klavan's Empire of Lies (–From Marlowe to Mitch # Happy birthday to The Shadow Magazine, 80 years old this month. # From Marlowe to Mitch–Heroes on the Right parts 2 ( and 3 ( # 10 crime fiction audiobooks for under $5 […]

Wyatt is coming to America

After a hiatus of 13 years, Australian author Garry Disher revived Wyatt, star of a series of Parker pastiches, in his 2010 novel simply titled Wyatt.

It must have been a successful comeback, because Wyatt will be coming to the States in hardcover on August 9.

The earlier novels are available used through […]

News for week ending 2011-03-12

Wallace Stroby at Patti Abbot's place–How I came to write this book (Cold Shot to the Heart): # The future of publishing–$0.99 ebooks? #

News for week ending 2011-03-05

Some Came Running posts about breasts in the film version of The Outfit. Lots of comments, unsurprisingly: # A very nice and detailed look at the film version of The Outfit: # New crime series by Parker fan about Chinese-Canadian lesbian accountant. I’m curious. Email me if you’ve read the book […]

Guest slot: Parker, Westlake and Peter Rabe’s Anatomy of a Killer

Note: I apologize for the lack of content lately, but I’ve been too busy to read, much less write. In lieu of my own contributions, I’m hoping to host some guest posts. This piece about a key Donald Westlake influence was penned by our old friend Nick Jones, and originally appeared at his blog, […]