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In six weeks, we’re going to publish Donald E. Westlake’s unpublished novel, MEMORY.

Both Publishers Weekly and Booklist have given it starred reviews, calling it “a significant final work from a master” and “absolutely a must-read.”? The book hits stores at the end of March — but if you’re reading this message you have a chance to get a copy?sooner than that.? At the start of March we’re going to be sending 12 free advance copies of the book to randomly selected people from our mailing list.? Interested in throwing your hat into the ring?? Well, we don’t need your hat — just send?your name and the address to which you’d like the book mailed if you’re chosen to before 5PM (New York time) on February 28.? It’s as simple as that.? All we ask is that if you’re selected?you help us tell the world about the book, either by posting a review on a site like or, or by wrting about it in your blog (if you have one), or in whatever other ways you can think of.? Actually…we’d be grateful for anything you can do along these lines regardless of whether yours is one of the dozen names we wind up drawing.? MEMORY is one of the most important books we’ve ever had the privilege to publish, and anything you can do to help spread the word about it is much appreciated.

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News for week ending 2010-02-20

We've had some criticism of the graphic design of the U of C reprints in the comments. Here is some praise: # Rest in peace, Dick Francis: #

A couple of new blog features

I’ve added a couple of features to the blog.

The first is nested comments. You can now reply directly to a comment, and the comment threads can go five deep (I can set this higher, but I think five levels should be enough—we’ll see). I meant to have this on […]

Donald Westlake Memorium

Here’s a nifty fan-made tribute to the late Mr. Westlake.

Via Jesse Willis at SFFAudio.

News for week ending 2010-02-13

Colonel Mortimer Will Have His Revenge–MIA on DVD: The Split (the movie stinks, but it still should be available!) #

The Hunter – A conversation with author Donald E. Westlake

In this short film, Westlake discusses Richard Stark, the Parker character, the challenges of bringing Parker into the modern world for the later books, and the film adaptations. Well worth watching.

Thanks to […]

News for week ending 2010-02-06

Washington City Paper has coverage of Darwyn Cooke's talk at the Smithsonian: #