More Parker comic images

Thanks to the ever-vigilant Will Kane at The World of Kane.

We’ve got this one:

I was lucky enough to get to check out Darwyn Cooke’s original art pages from PARKER: THE HUNTER (July 14th from IDW). That cyan color will be printed as a gun metal green, the test pages looked absolutely […]

Sorry, Folks!

The South by Southwest festival kept me occupied all of last week, and now I’m catching up with all of the things I neglected all of last week, which will likely take me all of this week.

I’ve got some good stuff coming, I promise. Will Kane at The World […]

Introduction to the Gregg Press edition of The Score posted

Here’s a treat: William L. DeAndrea’s introduction to the Gregg Press edition of The Score.

Now I just need The Mourner and I’ll have the complete set posted.

Lots of folks ? The Outfit

I’ve noticed over the years that the movie adaptation of The Outfit has quite a few admirers, perhaps enough to qualify as a cult following. I enjoyed the movie, but there seem to be a number of folks out there who are downright enthusiastic.

I haven’t seen […]

Background on Darwyn Cooke

Will Kane at the World of Kane points me to his post on Darwyn Cooke, which provides some background on the man who is adapting the Parker novels into comics. Great information for us comic novices, or anyone else for that matter.

He also points to this […]

Hard Case Crime 3/09: The Cutie by Donald E. Westlake (#53)


Mavis St. Paul had been a rich man’s mistress. Now she was a corpse. And every cop in New York City was hunting for the two-bit punk accused of putting a knife in her.

But the punk was innocent. He’d […]

A little more on the Parker comic

News keeps on dribbling out.

From the WonderCon ’09 IDW publishing panel:

The cover to Cooke’s adaptation of Richard Stark’s The Hunter was shown, and [editor Scott] Dunbier gave the history of the project, and how he personally had to convince author Donald Westlake that Cooke could faithfully […]