Grand Opening!


It is my great pleasure to welcome you to The Violent World of Parker, version 3.0!

This project started about ten years ago, on a crummy little Geocities site. I eventually moved it to a hosted domain, but, for a variety of reasons, I was never able to keep it up like I wanted to.

I had planned on a major revamp starting late winter or early spring (an addiction to football knocks September through December out for other hobbies), but the tragic death of Mr. Westlake (and Mr. Stark, and Mr. Coe, and Mr….) prompted me to move my plans up–I wanted both to pay proper tribute to a life and career that has given me so much pleasure and have information available for people made curious by hearing or reading news about Westlake’s death who were then prompted to explore his world and works. So here we are! This is a happy occasion for me on the sad one-month anniversary of Donald Westlake’s passing. I hope you find some enjoyment here as well.

It was a lot of work migrating or creating close to one hundred pages, so I’m sure it’s not perfect. There are probably some broken links, some misdirected links, and plenty of other mistakes. Please let me know if you find anything wrong. No error too small!

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U of C Reprints: The Score

Coming May 2009.

U of C Reprints: The Mourner

Scheduled for May 2009, with a foreword by John Banville.

U of C Reprints: The Outfit

This set is going to look very handsome on my bookshelf.

U of C Reprints: The Man with the Getaway Face

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the cover to the new edition of The Man with the Getaway Face.

I got the covers for the second batch of reprints today, and will be posting those Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


U of C Reprints: The Hunter

Most of the cover images I’ve seen online of the new University of Chicago Press Parker reprint series have been very small. They were kind enough to send me some larger images, and I’ll be featuring the first three this week.

I hope to have cover art for the upcoming batch soon.


Hard Case Crime 8/06: The Last Quarry by Max Allan Collins (#23)


The ruthless professional killer known as Quarry long ago disappeared into a well-earned retirement. But now a media magnate has lured the restless hitman into tackling one last lucrative assignment. The target is an unlikely one: Why, Quarry wonders, would anyone want […]

Max Allan Collins Remembers Donald Westlake

Collins is, of course, the author of the Nolan series of Parker pastiches among many, many other books. He is currently working on finishing unfinished Mickey Spillane novels, at the request of Spillane himself.

This is a great piece. Donald Westlake seems to have touched a […]

Some Parker Comic Artwork

This piece from Comic Book Resources was, I think, the first on the upcoming Darwyn Cooke Parker comic. I’ve linked the piece before but just realized that I had forgotten to swipe the artwork. I’m making up for that now.

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Want list: Introductions to out-of print editions

The new and improved site is coming along quite nicely, and I’ve got some great new stuff that I can’t wait to show you.

Right now I’m looking for introductions to a couple of out-of-print editions (I won’t reproduce introductions to in-print editions without permission).? Namely:

The intro to […]